Milestales Launches “The Gift” Series

sunne's gift, milestales, ama yawson

By Larisse Mondok

Are you proud of everything you’re born with?

How are we to accept all parts of us– when they’re immediately labeled as ugly or inappropriate by society?

As advocates of self-love and appreciation of diversity, Milestales launches “The Gift” series. Ama Yawson, author of Sunne’s Gift, will interview thought-leaders on various issues concerning diversity to talk about how it’s important to love what you’re born with and always consider it as a gift.

This week, the gift of Afro-textured Hair will be featured with Lurie Favors as the thought-leader. Lurie Favors is the genius behind the Afro-State of Mind Enterprise. The article, with quotes from leaders of the natural hair community, will be published on October 2 on Ama Yawson’s Huffington Post column.

Check it out here now.

Buy your copy of Sunne’s Gift: How Sunne Overcame Bullying to Reclaim God’s Gift here

sunne's gift, milestales, afro-textured hair, the gift

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