The Three Ways You May Be Training Your Child for Mediocrity

We all want our children to succeed in life.  But what if the rules have changed?
What if the old model of just being obedient to all of society’s social norms and trying to fit in will no longer guarantee success, or even a decent livelihood?
Did you say no the last time that your daughter asked to cut her hair short so that she would not have to deal with the pain of combing it?
Are you making sure that your sons don’t play with dolls or toy kitchens and make sure that your girls wear pink and purple?
Do you restrict their clothing choices so that they never look different or weird?
In this passionate TEDx talk, I describe why such training may be very dangerous during this time of rapid cultural and technological change.  The video is short. Please watch and tell me your thoughts by emailing me at or call me at 347-886-2026. I would love to speak at your school, church or organization.  

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